Oktoberfest in Highlands

Highlands OktoberfestThis Saturday, the Veterans Park in Highlands hosted a lively Oktoberfest party. Since that’s only 10 miles from my home, I decided to ride my bike over there and see what’s going on. The party area and clearly marked and fenced in, and you’d have to prepay for beer tickets ($2 – 5, depending on the beer).

The beer selection was not very impressive, they only had Spaten, Sam Adams Oktoberfest and Coors Light. But the Spaten was very good! The effect on my bike ride home was strange… the first hills seemed a bit hard but then I felt an unusual need for speed and hammered it home at a very fast clip. Most people were enjoying their beers in the park, but it was definitely a family event, with very many kids running around are being pushed in strollers.

The main food line was much longer than the beer line (probably because of the big number of kids), and the food was offered by Bahr’s Landing. It was not the regular seafood fare at Bahr’s, but a German menu, with bratwurst and other wursts, wiener schnietzel and so on. I didn’t try it, but it looked very good! Next to it, the Chilangos table was a lot quieter, maybe because people don’t go to Oktoberfests for nachos and tacos.

On the main stage, there was some live entertainment with men in funny shorts playing the harmonica, and there were some frauleins cruising the crowds. Everybody there was definitely having a lot of fun and I’d say it was a successful event.


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