Blogging Out Hunger: Support the Community Foodbank of New Jersey

We’re happy to support this year a joint effort of New Jersey bloggers to support the Community FoodBank of New Jersey. We first did it 2 years ago, and it was a big success. This is part of the 20th Anniversary of the FoodBank’s “Check out Hunger” campaign which is going on now through December.  Check-Out Hunger is an annual awareness campaign and fund raiser for the Community FoodBank of New Jersey which actually began in New Jersey and is now run at supermarket chains across the northeast.

I know you have seen those tickets at the check out counters of your local grocery stores. Please don’t ignore them. The Community FoodBank of New Jersey reports that need for nutritious food is up 30-40 percent at its partner agencies (soup kitchens, pantries, shelters, etc) this year. Participating food markets include A&P, Food Basics, Foodtown, Kings, Pathmark, Shop Rite, Super Fresh, Wawa, and Wegmans.

Please make it a point to donate during the Christmas Season to the Check Out Hunger campaign.  With so many New Jersey residents out of work, this season is going to be particularly hard on families and demanding on the hunger relief programs in our state.

The blogger campaign is again led by Jersey Bites (one of New Jersey’s leading food blogs), and we hope that more and more bloggers will join and spread the word in various social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, blogs). Here’s the evolving list of participants:


John & Lisa are Eating in South Jersey

Jersey Girl Cooks

Roxy’s Best Of… New Jersey

Roxiticus Desperate Housewives:

Roxy’s Bay Head Blog

Middletown Comfort Inn Blog

Family Friends and Food

Goodies From Mom

Welcome To My Planet

Food Allure

Red Bank Limo Blog

Lifes a Balancing Act

The Ridgewood Blog

Again, please donate $1, $3 or $5 to the Community FoodBank when you check-out at your supermarket, or click the image below to make an online donation.

Jersey Shore Vacations: Check-Out Hunger


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