Six Flags Hurricane Harbor King Cobra Review

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor 2015 Review: New Bar & Grill, Upgraded Cabanas

We first review the new 2015 addition at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in NJ, the upgraded cabanas and the Cabana Cove Grill. Then we look back at recent additions to the water park, like King Cobra and the Big Wave Racer.

Blair's FF15 Barrel Reserve review

Blair’s FF15 Barrel Reserve Review: Roots. Soul. Truth. Passion.

Our review of Blair’s FF15 Barrel Reserve collection, their newest line of exquisite hot sauces. It’s headlined by the FF15 Passion, a rare combination of heat and flavor, made with Scorpion, 7 Pot, Jolokia and Fatalii peppers, as well as coconut, mango, passion fruit, rum, lime juice and guava nectar. The FF15 line was handmade by Blair Lazar himself and also includes Soul, Roots and Truth.